Wart & Fungus

Wart and fungus are common foot conditions experienced by many people. Let’s break it down… Foot warts (also called plantar warts) are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and appear as small, hard growths – they’re usually painless, but can be uncomfortable. Nail fungus (also called onychomycosis) causes nails to thicken, discolour, flake and/or crumble. Most conditions can be treated at home, with the right care products. Dermal Therapy has a range of clinically tested products to help you put your best foot forward.
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Warteze Freeze

Dermal Therapy Warteze™ Freeze is specially designed to eliminate plantar and common warts by means of cryotherapy.

  • Freeze warts with 1 application
  • Wart remover for hands & feet
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Fungistop 3-in-1 Nail Treatment

5 out of 5

Dermal Therapy FungistopTM 3-in-1 Nail Treatment is a solution for the treatment and prevention of nail fungus with visible improvement in 7 days.

  • Reduces nail discolouration
  • Stimulates healthy nail regrowth
  • Brightens the nail in 1 week
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Foot warts (either plantar or surface), cracked and dry heels, nail fungus, foot corns, foot odour, perspiration and heel and foot pain.

Warts are contagious and can be passed from other people or by touching other parts of your body. They’re caused by the HPV virus and appear as small, hard growths. Don’t worry – they’re mainly painless, except sometimes a plantar wart on the bottom of your foot can be painful when it’s under pressure.

Common warts look like grainy skin growths, sometimes with tiny black dots, and plantar warts are those that grow under the surface of the skin, usually under your feet.

Fungal nail infections occur when nails become brittle and dry, resulting in cracks that allow in the fungi. Nail fungus can spread from athlete’s foot to the nails.

With a strong and healthy immune system, warts can go away on their own, but it can take a long time. The best option is to treat warts so they go away quickly and don’t spread the virus to other areas of the body. We have at-home wart treatments available online, or you can see a doctor or podiatrist If the wart won’t go away.

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