“I have found the lip balm very useful for my angular stomatitis patients, the scalp relief serum + scalp relief shampoo & conditioner extremely useful in my psoriatic patients. I have also suggested patients use the sensitive skin wash with good response.”

Dr Hayden C. (MBBS)
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Key Benefits of Lip Balm for Dry Lips
The delicate skin of our lips often bears the brunt of harsh weather conditions, dehydration, and various environmental factors which can result in dry, chapped, and sometimes painful lips . This is where lip balm saves the day, it has a combination of benefits which help to restore and rescue parched pouts. Here are the … Read more
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The Essential Guide to Lip SPF: Shielding Your Lips from Sun Damage
Welcome to your comprehensive guide on lip SPF, a crucial yet often overlooked element of sun protection. Whether you’re basking in summer sunshine or braving the winter chill, your lips need consistent care against the sun’s rays. This guide delves deep into the world of lip SPF, highlighting why it’s the best line of defense … Read more
A woman kissing a tube of Dermal Therapy SPF 50 Lip Balm on a green background.
What are the benefits of Pawpaw Lip Balm?
What is Pawpaw Lip Balm?  Pawpaw lip balm is a lip care product enriched with extracts from the pawpaw fruit, also known as papaya, it boasts a range of benefits that extend beyond just hydration which make it deserving of a prime spot in your lip care routine. 1. Intense Moisturisation: A Tropical Drink for … Read more
A tube of Dermal Therapy Pawpaw Lip Balm next to a bowl of food.
Top 8 Fun Facts on Lip Care
Check out these top 8 fun facts on lip care from Dermal Therapy: Learn more about Dermal Therapy’s journey to creating Australia’s best lip balm, or read about the science of lip masks. Check out an expert commentary on the differences between lip repair and lip moisturisation from Amit Saha – Registered Pharmacist & Head … Read more
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