Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is exactly what it sounds like… a rash in the nappy area! Mostly affecting children under the age of 2 if they’re (funnily enough) wearing a nappy, it’s usually caused by irritation from a wet or dirty nappy.
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Little Bodies Nappy Balm

5 out of 5

Little Bodies Nappy Balm is a 2-in-1 specialised formula to protect and repair baby’s delicate skin.

  • Great for use in nappy changes
  • 15.4% zinc oxide for skin protection
  • 5% panthenol to soothe and repair
  • Non-greasy, easy to apply


“I’ve been using Little Bodies Nappy Balm by Dermal Therapy. I love how it goes on nice and smooth and it’s not greasy at all. I actually use it on both my baby and my toddler and it’s not expensive. ”

Dr Katie H. (MBChB, FACEM)
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Nappy rash is usually caused by skin irritation thanks to wetness in the nappy, or even things like bacteria, yeast, soap, detergent or baby wipes. If your bub has skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, they might be more prone to nappy rash.

Changing your baby’s formula can sometimes cause nappy rash, which sometimes lasts only a few days as their body adjusts to the new ingredients. If the nappy rash continues, they might have an allergy or sensitivity to the formula.

Teething doesn’t directly cause nappy rash, but it can have an effect on whether your baby develops nappy rash. For example, if they’re teething and have teething-induced diarrhoea, the excessive wetness and irritation in the nappy can cause nappy rash.

If you follow the right advice, nappy rash can clear in a few days. Try Dermal Therapy’s Little Bodies Nappy Balm, which offers the first protection and repair solution for your baby’s delicate skin, including 15.4% Zinc Oxide for protection and 5% Panthenol to soothe and repair.

Just like chafing and rashes for adults, nappy rash can be irritating and uncomfortable for babies. Most cases should be painless, but severe nappy rash can be painful, like when the rash doesn’t clear within a week, develops blisters, or if bub has a fever as well.

Nappy rash can spread to your baby’s tummy or back.

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