Top 8 Fun Facts on Lip Care

Close up of a woman's face, licking her lips, with red hair.


Chapped Lips

Check out these top 8 fun facts on lip care from Dermal Therapy:

  1. Thin Skin: Lips are incredibly thin compared to the rest of the skin on your body.
  2. No Sweat Glands: Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips don’t have sweat glands. This is one reason they can easily become dry and chapped. Another fact – Dermal Therapy lip balm is Australia’s No 1 best lip balm for dry and chapped lips and sells 1 in every 13 seconds in Australia!
  3. UV Sensitivity: Lips are highly sensitive to the sun because they lack melanin, the pigment that provides some protection against harmful UV rays. Regular use of Dermal Therapy SPF50+ lip balm can help prevent sun damage.
  4. Blood Supply: Lips have a rich blood supply, which is why they appear reddish or pink. This blood flow helps them heal quickly if they get injured.
  5. Exfoliation is Key: Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from your lips, leaving them smoother and healthier. Did you know Dermal Therapy is the only lip balm in the market with built-in exfoliant to remove dead skin cells?
  6. Hydration Matters: Dehydration is a common cause of chapped lips. Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining soft and supple lips.
  7. Licking Lips Can Worsen Dryness: While it may be a natural instinct, licking your lips can actually make them drier.
  8. Aging Effects: As you age, your lips may lose volume and elasticity. Try Dermal Therapy Overnight Lip Repair – Lip Mask for a fuller and plumper lips.

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