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Heel Balm Platinum


Dermal Therapy™ Heel Balm Platinum™ 

Natural Moisturising Factor technology designed to optimise the treatment of extreme dryness and restore skin properties .


  • For use on rough, dry, cracked heels
  • Excellent to smooth thickened skin on feet
  • For best results, use twice daily, morning and night, until desired results have been achieved
  • Can also be applied daily as a preventative moisturiser to help keep your feet soft, smooth and supple  


Neutral amino acid of the NMF (serine, alanine and proline) which provide a refill of NMF ingredients when free amino acids levels decrease, as it occurs in dry skin, and offer plasticising properties.  

Plus the benefits of 30% urea


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I have always had really terrible feet. Worse than the one in your picture on the box! I soaked and filed and wrapped to no avail. I am 52 and have always loved to go barefoot and hate wearing socks when I did have to wear shoes. So my feet were a mess. So with summer coming, I went to Walmart and bought your product because it was the cheapest ... It said it would take 2 weeks. Well I used my usual pumice stone and your cream for twice a day for 2 days and tonight I could not believe the difference! I actually let my hubby touch my feet! I have to show them to everyone! Bravo! I am going to tell everyone about your product. ONLY TWO DAYS!!! Not 2 weeks. I wish I had taken before and after photos because the change is really amazing! Wish I could buy you all a beer!

Teresa J.

I tried the Heel Balm Platinum and instantly loved it. The smell is such a nice pleasant smell that feels great to rub into sore tired feet. The next day my feet felt incredibly softer. I love the product will continuing using it!

Nadine QLD Australia

Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum - it worked wonders on my feet, the first night I used it, I had instant results that I could feel and as the days went on my feet only got better each time. It really relieved the cracks and dryness in my feet from day dot. I was truly happy with this product and I will be buying it again as this product really does work

AJ: SA Australia

I used the Heel Balm on my hubbies feet, for the last 7 days, they are almost back to smooth soft heels thank you!

Sharon: SA Australia

Just want to say your Heel Balm Platinum is amazing! I was simply blown away just after a day you notice considerable softness to the feet and after a week the heels are no longer cracked and sore. The fella is on feet and knees all days and they were sore and cracked. This surely done the trick after using it a few days you can notice considerable improvement. So both are happy customers Thanks so much Dermal Therapy ;-) it be a regular on our shopping list here and I highly recommend it to others.

Matilda: SA Australia

I love this cream. My heels were very dry and hard. After just one treatment they felt much smoother and softer. I have been using Dermal Therapy Platinum Heel Balm each night then applying bed socks and my feet now look great enough to be seen in sandal

Sherie: QLD Australia

My husband and l both used Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum and noticed a difference overnight. The cracks in our feet were closing over in 12 hours literally. We both wore socks to bed so that the cream could stay on and absorb and within 3 days the difference was huge cracks gone not sore anymore! It’s really a great product . l have never used anything that has worked so quickly and something that surprised us no awful smell, some of the creams that we have been used in the past have an awful smell. l would we purchasing this in the future and will now look closely at your range to try other products. l myself suffer from eczema and this did not irritate my skin at all so that was a huge bonus. l was bragging about this wonderful product to friend today and they like me have cracked heels especially over summer so they are going to purchase some.

Yvonne: VIC Australia

The Heel Balm Platinum is great and I have been using it twice a day and have noticed a great difference, as I no longer have that dried skin that would catch on the sheets and annoy me while sleeping. That problem is now solved and I did not realise how much sleep I was losing to the catching on the sheets problem.  I am telling people about these products and my daughter noticed as soon as she saw me yesterday she noticed a difference. She is glad I have found something that works as it was a painful problem.  My heels she could see the difference which is great as I can only were open sandals so people could see cracks on my heels as I could not hide my feet.

Bonnie: QLD Australia

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