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What’s The Difference between Eczema vs Psoriasis
Skin conditions can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and two common culprits often confused are Psoriasis and Eczema . They both share some similarities, including red, itchy, and inflamed skin, but they are distinct in their causes and treatments. Understanding the key differences between Psoriasis and Eczema can be the first step in effectively managing these … Read more
What's The Difference between Eczema vs Psoriasis - a woman in a white tshirt has eczema on her arms and she is itching it.
Eczema and mental health
More than just skin: eczema and mental health It’s Eczema Awareness Week 3-10 May and it’s a cause very close to our hearts here at LaCorium Health HQ, home of Dermal Therapy. Our family – especially one of our children – have suffered from eczema for many years and I know that it’s a condition … Read more
Talking eczema with Cheryl Talent, president of Eczema Association of Australasia
We are extremely excited to have had the chance to sponsor this week’s episode of’s Heal Thy Skin podcast featuring Cheryl Talent.  Having herself been an eczema sufferer since she was just a few days old, Cheryl became involved with the EAA in 1997 as a volunteer when she was in her mid-30s after … Read more
Talking Eczema with Cheryl Talent, president of Eczema Association of Australasia - podcast sponsored by Dermal Therapy

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