Tips to minimise dry skin in winter

Winter is here and as the cold weather sets in, many people seem to suffer from itchy & dry skin in winter.  

Why People Suffer From Dry Skin In Winter? 

There are a few possible reasons including:   

Decreased use of emollients: In winter, the cold weather makes people less inclined to strip down and moisturise regularly. 

Decreased humidity: Lower temperature equals lower air humidity. Low air humidity outside caused moisture to be extracted from your skin, making your skin drier, itchier and more inflamed. 

Artificial heating: The use of central heating in Winter, combined with the drier air causes even lower air humidity that will aggravate dry skin even further and cause eczema flareups.  

Layers and types of clothing: In Winter, people tend to wear more clothing and often woollen clothing. Wearing wool and synthetic materials can cause irritation and promote itching. Synthetic substances also tend to trap heat against the skin and excess heat can cause overheating that can further irritate your skin and cause flare-ups.

What can be done?

Regular emollient use in Winter is important. Using emollients regularly help retain moisture in the skin and also provide an occlusive barrier that protects the skin from irritants. 

Wearing many layers of breathable cotton is recommended; this will also mean you can adjust layers so that you’re always warm, but not overheated. And you can keep yourself warm using clothing rather than artificial heating.