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Lip Balm

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10 g


Dermal Therapy™ Lip Balm’s concentrated formula contains a synergistic blend of ingredients specially designed to hydrate and soften severely dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy looking.


  • Suitable for use on severely dried lips

  • Formulated to form a protective barrier on lips to guard against further moisture loss


  • 2.5% urea removes dead skin cells to allow moisturising emollients to access deep into the skin to replenish lost moisture
  • Petrolatum sticks to skin and works like a barrier to prevent further moisture loss from dry lips and keeps balm on site of application
  • Menthol had a cooling effect and uncomfortable, dry lips

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The Best Lip Balm! No more cracked lips for me. This lip balm is my secret weapon as it keeps my lips hydrated, soft and smooth. It's always in my handbag and on me when I go out so help keep my lips hydrated. I love this product and recommend it all the time. A small amount goes a long way and this tube lasts for a long time!

Sarah: VIC Australia

 I cannot thank you enough as my lips feel great I have been using the Lip Balm 4 times a day and at first I had a lot of tingling but now I don't and my lips are not cracked and really badly dry any more. I am continually dehydrated and I have tried a lot of different things on my lips but nothing worked. This Lip Balm is fantastic as I said they are no longer cracked but also look hydrated now.

Bonnie: QLD Australia

Best in Beauty: Soothing lip balm. Dermal Therapy Lip Balm's is my favourite lip balm. It's super cheap and a little goes a long way. It is my go to, everyday lip balm. It does a fantastic job at healing dry lips and maintaining soft lips. It has menthol in the formula which provides a slightly tingly feeling when applied. It hydrates my lips and leaves them looking more plump. This is a fuss-free, effective lip balm. It heals chapped lips and protects them from the environment. It isn't sticky nor heavy on my lips. I can't say anything negative about this lip balm. I'd definitely recommend it.

Sam: VIC Australia

Works miracles! This is the best lip balm I have found for dry, cracking lips. I get very dry lips, no matter the weather that are always peeling and cracking, making the enjoyment of wearing lipstick hard. I had tried other products that claimed to help but never worked and often made it worse, this product however completely changed my lips.  I apply it before I go to bed and the next day my lips are so soft and smooth, if the day prior I have had slight peeling, I will wake up and my lips will be a lot less sore and healing fast. Will continue to purchase this product.

Jess: WA Australia

I get very dry lips, no matter the weather they are always peeling and cracking. I’ve tried everything that claimed to help but nothing ever worked. This product completely changed my lips and now they are amazingly soft and hydrated.

JW, Australia

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing invention!

I'm on Roaccutane at the moment and my biggest side effect is the extremely dry, cracked and blistered lips.

Over New Years, I cried for a whole day because they were so sore. Your lip balm fixed them within a day!

I have tried every lip balm known to man... Yours is without a doubt the best there is!

I work in Pharmacy and I love being able to confidently recommend your products to others. Everyone on roaccutane needs a tube (or 6!!!).

M, Wellington Point, Australia

I've had chronically sore, peeling lips for years and have spent a fortune on lip products. I rarely wear lipstick due to the burning and peeling discomfort. I bought Dermal Therapy Lip Balm yesterday and applied it and immediately my lips felt comfortable. Today there is no sign of the sore peeling problem I've had for so long. I just can't believe it, and I'm so very grateful. Yay...I'm thinking I'll be able to use lipstick once again too. A thousand thank yous for this inexpensive and highly effective product.

M, Blue Mountains, Australia

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